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How To Choose The Right CBD Oil For Your Pet

The healing properties of CBD oil are also beneficial to your pet. CBD oil has been shown to have many beneficial effects to pets when it comes to conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, appetite issues.

There are a lot of CBD products in the market and the lack of proper regulation on the CBD industry makes the search for the right CBD product quite hard.

There are many sub-standard products that may harm your pet and also scammers that might rip you off. The Internet is not safe either since there are also a lot of scammers and getting a legitimate CBD oil seller can be hard.

Before purchasing a CBD product for your pet you need to do your due diligence. To assist you to get the right CBD oil product we have created some tips that will help you get the right CBD oil. This guide will help you avoid unscrupulous buyers that take advantage of the increased popularity of CBD oil to sell you substandard products at a very cheap rate.

Investigate the source of the CBD oil

The originating plant is the most critical factor when determining the quality of the CBD oil because it influences any other process that follows in the production process. CBD oil can be extracted from either a cannabis plant or an industrial hemp plant. Both oils have the same molecular structure.

Cannabis was initially used for other purposes until of late when it was determined to be a source of CBD. This means that many companies overseas still use industrial hemp byproducts to create CBD oil.

Since hemp is a natural accumulator of bio-toxins it is critical to know the source of your originating plant. Choose a CBD oil whose originating plant comes from a country that monitors the growth of its plants.

Hemp plants originating from Canada or America are some of the best sources of CBD oil. Plants coming from these two countries are thoroughly tested for harmful products like pesticides, heavy metals like lead, pesticides, fungicides or any harmful products found in the soils, resin, plant materials and even the final product.

Method of extraction

After validating the source of the original plant the next thing is to look into the method of extraction of the CBD oil. The most common method of extraction is the Super Critical CO2.

This process is also applied in the extraction of essential oils for use in fragrances. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is safe since it leaves no residue. CO2 is also negative thus it will not pull any beneficial terpenes (essential oils) from the plant. These tips will help you get the right CBD oil for your pet.

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